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Tennessee Titans News Links: Bottom of the Barrel

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The offensive line of the Titans has received a lot of attention in the past couple years. With the signing of Andy Levitre and Michael Oher (who we, as fans, expected exactly what we got, which was crapola), and the drafting of Taylor Lewan (good from the get go), Chance Warmack (started playing really well by the end of the year), and Brian Schwenke (ehhhhhhhhhhhh.... jury is still out). What have we received for our resources? Well, according to Pro Football Focus, we have received the 28th ranked offensive line in football. That is a really bad investment in case you were wondering. So... what should they do? Personally I think they should get a new RT and call it a day. I don't think Levitre forgot how to be one of the best guards in football and he battled some weird injuries at the beginning of the year. I think he'll bounce back, but if he doesn't, well, then cut him the next year. Same with Schwenke, give him another chance.

What say you MCM?