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Today is the 15th Anniversary of the Music City Miracle

Remembering the greatest play in franchise history.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Those of you who have been around the site for a while already know this story, but I am going to tell it again today on the 15th anniversary of the Music City Miracle.  It was January 7th in the year of 2000.  I was a senior in high school and was at a basketball game at my high school on that Friday night.  After the game my dad called and told me that our house had been robbed.  They didn't get that much stuff in the end (except for a case of Mountain Dew(!)), but they really trashed the place.  They dumped out every drawer and turned over every bed.  We spent a lot of that night trying to get the place back together.

I got up the next morning, January 8th 2000, and went to my church league basketball game.  I had a terrible game, something like 0-8 from the field.  So my house has been trashed, I played terrible, but at least the Titans game was on the radio on the way home.  I stopped to get some food and then headed for the house while listening to Mike Keith and Pat Ryan call the game.

It is the 4th quarter when I get home, and I am sitting in the study of my parents' house with my dad watching the game.  I remember watching the field goal from Buffalo go through the uprights.  I looked around the still trashed house and felt depression like I had never felt about a sporting event before.

Well of course you know the rest of the story...Christie kicks it high and deep...He's got something....He's got something!...and even as I type these words I get chills and my eyes get tears in them.  THERE ARE NO FLAGS ON THE FIELD!!....IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!!

I remember jumping up and high-fiving my dad.  I remember running up to the screen as they reviewed the play, drawing a line with my finger on the screen and was backwards!  I remember when they showed the shot of Phil Luckett watching the play in the booth and thinking he would never get out of the place alive if he overturned the call.

Here is the TV broadcast of the play:

As time has passed, my favorite part of the play is the look on Steve McNair's when they cut to him on the TV broadcast.

Those are my memories. I would love to hear yours as well.