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Tennessee Titans News Links: Conviction

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Paul Kuharsky talks about the conviction level the Titans must have with the player they select at #2 overall. While it seems obvious that this would be the case, PK brings up a good point that this could absolutely be the last draft Webster oversees as GM of the Titans if he fails in FA and the Draft. This is also why I think we could see some real fireworks in FA. We were interested in paying Mario Williams whatever he wanted, why wouldn't we be interested in giving a game-changer like Houston (should he hit FA) or Suh whatever they want?

15 year anniversary of this site's namesake, and Adam Schefter still doesn't think it happened.

Todd McShay favors Winston over Mariota. I cannot disagree with him on a pure football standpoint.

Why is Jameis Winston joining the NFL draft good news for the Titans? PK breaks it down.

Quote of the Day: "I rant, therefore I am." -Dennis Miller