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Between The Posts: QB Conundrum

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Your nightly OT open thread.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee wrapped up another quiet off-season day. Winston declared for the draft, as expected, and not much else happened around the league save for some coaching vacancy visits.

Zach Mettenberger wants to be the Titans QB of the future, obviously. TitansOnline had some nice clips of his rookie season. I think the Titans have so many holes on defense that it would be best to give Mett a shot at the helm. Solidifying the defensive side of the ball would be in their best interest.

Mettenberger also has plans in place to work through the offseason with Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright. He's make the right moves and saying the right things thus far.

What say you? Do the Titans put their faith in Mettenberger, or do they hit the reset button and take Mariota or Winston? I'd opt for the former, but that is simply an opinion at this point, and one that lies far ahead of the deadline for the Titans' decision.