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Between The Posts: No Vacancy

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Your nightly OT open thread.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

With the playoffs under way and the rest of the league's franchises looking on from the outside, many of these teams are getting the jump start on their coaching searches. While the Titans are not among these teams, guys like Titans exec Lake Dawson (Chicago Bears) and TE coach Mike Mularkey (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) have been drawing interest to fill some league vacancies. Some of the top names for prospective head coaches this year are Arizona Cardinals DC Tod Bowles, a pair of coordinators from Seattle in Darrell Bevell (OC) and Dan Quinn (DC), Rex Ryan (...seriously), and Mike Shanahan, among others.

While I hope I am wrong, the Titans could again be dipping into the ranks of the NFL's coaches next off-season, but little change is expected this year, even from inside the team down to the position coaching levels.

All eyes are on GM Ruston Webster to deliver to top notch free agency crop and draft class.