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Grading Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston in the Rose Bowl

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Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Ruston Webster was in attendance for the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day.  The game didn't turn out to be what we had all hoped for, but it did feature the two best quarterbacks of the 2015 draft class.  Marcus Mariota led his team to victory (QB WUNZZ!!!1), but did he play better than Jameis Winston?

Not according to Pro Football Focus, who had Winston (+1.1) graded higher than Mariota (-1.4).  I have made not secret of the fact that I don't want Winston, but he does look like the more pro-ready of the two. Take this from the PFF post:

Where Winston shined was in his accuracy to the intermediate middle of the field where he did a great job of exploiting some of Oregon’s soft zone coverages. He consistently led his receivers to open grass and showed excellent ball placement on a number of dig and post routes.

What would it be like to have an accurate QB?

Mariota graded out better as a runner than he did a passer.  Now this is only one game, but that scares me when trying to project him to the next level.  Can he make the throws in tight NFL windows?  You better believe that is what the people in Tampa Bay are going to be asking themselves for the next 4+ months.

I am not sold on either of these guys.  Give me either the best defensive player in the draft, or a move back with a bunch of extra picks.

And I feel like I will have to say this a million times between now and the draft, but not wanting a quarterback with the 2nd pick doesn't mean that I believe the Titans are set at quarterback.  They clearly don't have a definitive answer there, but with so many holes, it would dumb to reach for a guy that you aren't sure about with the 2nd pick.