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Between The Posts: Moving Forward

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Your nightly OT open thread.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It was a quiet day in Titans land, and I'm sure you all had a good time watching the first offerings of playoff football this past weekend. I am interested to see what many of you thought about the Dallas-Detroit game, specifically the questionable PA flag that was picked up in Dallas' favor. Elsewhere the Colts and Ravens there's that. Hopefully Denver and New England put an end to those developments, respectfully.

In other news, the "St. Louis Rams headed the LA" talk seems to have gotten more substance of late. Their owner, Stan Kroenke, has recently put his Inglewood, CA purchase to use; partnering with a team of investors to place an 80,000 seat stadium in Los Angeles. Obviously no move is imminent, but it is certainly an interesting development. As you know NFL owners cannot have stock in more than once franchise, so it would be the Rams moving if he is to continue his involvement in the LA project.