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Tennessee Titans News Links: High/Low

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There is a type of ice-breaker that we did in Fellowship of Christian Athletes in high school, it was called "High/Low". You would say the best part of your week, and the worst part of your week, or something you needed prayers for. Well, if we were doing that for the Titans' season, there would be a whole lot of praying going on right now. Jim Wyatt tries to do so.

Michael Griffin wonders if he is in the plans of the Titans for next season.

Ken Whisenhunt stunk in his first year with the Titans. Personally, I don't see it getting much better, but we should for sure have more talent with our high draft picks.

This week's twitter mailbag from Paul Kuharsky.

Why would anyone want to hire someone away from the Titans? Great question and I'm not sure anyone on this staff is worth another job.

Quote of the Day: "In dreams begins responsibility." -William Butler Yeats