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Looking at Larry Fitzgerald and the Tennessee Titans.

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Is it possible that the Titans end up with the right Fitz?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Hurcomb reported on Thursday that veteran and potential Hall of Fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald doesn't expect to be back with the Arizona Cardinals in 2015. Hurcomb said

"Part of the reason is Fitzgerald is not happy with his role on the team, as he doesn't like playing in the slot and he has become far less of a focal point of the offense, according to the source."

Of course the other part of that is that he is owed $23.6 million in 2015. However if Fitzgerald really has an issue with his role in that offense, maybe a move to Tennessee makes sense.

Before everyone freaks out, just think about it logically.

-Whisenhunt was Fitzgerald's coach for six years in Arizona ('07-'12)

-During that time Fitzgerald had five of his six 1,000+ yard seasons.

-Fitzgerald scored double digit touchdowns three of those six years.

-Obviously the two had enough success together to get to a Super Bowl.

-The Titans will need WRs help, especially someone that is a veteran with great work ethic if they are trying to fill Nate Washington's shoes.

I'm not saying it is something that will happen, but if Fitzgerald wants someone that knows how to use him then the best guy for that is Ken Whisenhunt. If he is looking for the situation that will lead to a Super Bowl then this probably isn't it, but if he is looking for a team with cap room that won't put him in the slot then Tennessee is a good fit.