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Which long term Tennessee Titans deal would you prefer?

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Do any Titans deserve to be brought back to build around?

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The Tennessee Titans aren't a team filled with top free agents, and in fact in my last posts listing PFF's top free agents only one Titans has appeared (Derrick Morgan). However, the Titans don't have enough draft picks to fill all their weaknesses, so bringing back known quantities may actually help Tennessee. However, are their any players that deserve long term deals?

The obvious candidate: Derrick Morgan

Morgan is obviously the team's top free agent, but he really isn't a player you want to break the bank for. Ideally he is a team's second best edge rusher that provides stability in the running game and provides some pass rush. With the talent out there, if three or four of the top five edge rushers (I don't expect Justin Houston to hit free agency) hit the open market almost all of them have a better pedigree than Morgan.

The top veteran candidate: Nate Washington

Nate Washington probably wants to see Tennessee succeed as much as any Titans player currently on the roster. Giving Washington a three-year deal would certainly last until he retires and that might possibly be expecting too much of Washington. However, with a rookie almost inevitably coming in the Titans should be desperate to have a successful role model for him to imitate.

The under the radar candidate: Karl Klug

Klug is a fan favorite and he is productive. Klug is one of the very few Titans that has had a positve grade on PFF his entire career, putting him in company with Derrick Morgan, Jurrell Casey and Michael Roos. Klug is a great player in any defense and he should be a cheap grab. Fans love #97, and in an ideal world he is a heavy rotation player that helps bring pressure and sniff out screens on third downs.