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Tennessee Titans News Links: Re-Grade

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN Matt Williamson, Sando, and  Bill Polian re-grade the Titan's draft. They give it a D, down from a C+. Honestly, a lot of the draft hinges on Sankey, Williamson, and DaQuan Jones. Mett being a 6th round pick would be a tremendous boost to the draft (not that we should evaluate his play based on him being a 6th rounder). Lewan, we all know is going to be an absolute stud for a very long time in this league, so personally I'd give us a slightly higher grade, but I'm kind of biased. Or we could take the opinion of Bill Polian who basically had one good draft pick his entire career as GM.

Ben Hartsock recollects the game against the Chargers when we called a hit on Shawn Merriman. After the Chargers were playing dirty, we fought back.

Top questions of Free Agency. The only way that the Titans get in on these questions are if they start backing up the Brinks truck to one of the Suh, Houston, or Revis households.

Quote of the Day: "This was when Merriman was in all of his performance enhancing glory." -Ben Hartsock