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Tennessee Titans most recent cap numbers and free agents

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Where the Titans will start in the offseason.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

According to OTC (, the Titans will start this offseason with $42.7 million to spend. That figure will be different depending on which site you visit, but for these purposes, this is the number that the Titans will start with. This is the number and site I will be using all offseason to discuss where the Titans should spend their money, and how they can get extra cap room if they want to make moves.

Top free agents:

Michael Roos OT- Roos will likely retire after tough surgery.

Nate Washington WR- Washington would be great to have back and he shouldn't be expensive. If the Titans could sign him on a minimum contract I think he would be happy since this organization was so faithful to him over his long contract.

Derek Morgan EDGE- Obviously a very solid player. Rarely gets to the QB, but often provides good pressure. Many have speculated that he will be a highly sought after FA.

George Wilson S- Wilson was a starter this season and provided a veteran presence, but he really isn't a standout starter.

Ryan Succop K- Succop didn't have a great year, but compared to what the Titans almost went into the season with, he was a star. Tennessee shouldn't rely on UDFA again at this position.

Karl Klug DT- Fan favorite DL that has been very productive despite not playing many snaps. Klug is disruptive and not well-known, the Titans should try to keep him if the price is right.