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Between The Posts: Rebuilding

Are the Titans headed in the right direction?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The report out that former Steelers DC Dick Lebeau is close to joining the Tennessee Titans is a favorable one for the home team. The Titans are looking for some kind of boost to a roster that lacked on both sides of the ball. Lebeau and Horton would certainly make a formidable team in setting the defensive side of the ball straight.

The answers on offense are less obvious. With some big schematic hurdles to overcome in Whisenhunt's scheme, and an offense he controls with an iron grip, may be harder to accomplish, but fixing the offensive line and getting some consistency under center would certainly make the current group look better.

So while the offseason is young and the front office hasn't really had much of a chance to make their intentions known, do you think the Titans are heading in the right direction?