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Report: NFL Looking at Patriots Locker Room Attendant

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Jay Glazer, per usual, breaks a big NFL story.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

So deflate gate is now in the second week of dominating the headlines.  We have seen an awkward press conference from Bill Belichick and one from Tom Brady, but we haven't been any closer to knowing how the footballs were deflated...until now.  Jay Glazer is reporting that the NFL has zeroed in on a locker room attendant as the one that might have deflated the balls (still makes me laugh).  From Glazer:

Breaking news: sources tell @FOXSports the NFL has zeroed in on a locker room attendant w Patriots who allegedly took balls from officials locker room to another area on way to field. Sources say they have interviewed him and additionally have video. Still gauging if any wrong doing occurred with him but he is strong person of interest.
Now you will see the Patriots blame this guy for everything. Everyone in the organization will claim they had no knowledge that this locker room attendant was going to do it.

The Patriots will have a close door meeting with that guy. They will pay him a huge chunk of money, have him sign a non-disclosure agreement, and fire him.

Stay tuned....