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NFL Mock Draft 2015: Leonard Williams to the Titans; Marcus Mariota to the Jets

Maybe he can play quarterback too....

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Dan Kadar has released his weekly NFL mock draft, and he has the Titans taking Leonard Williams, DE, USC.  Here are his thoughts on the pick:

Which is more likely: the Titans are comfortable with Zach Mettenberger or head coach Ken Whisenhunt is willing to change his offense around for Marcus Mariota? The Mettenberger scenario seems more likely right now. In Williams, defensive coordinator Ray Horton would have a player he could use the same way he utilized Calais Campbell in Arizona.

Well of course Whiz isn't changing his offense....

This is the first mock that I have seen where Marcus Mariota falls all the way to the Jets at #6. You have to believe that the people in New York would be elated with it playing out this way. The desperately need a quarterback, and in this scenario, they get one without having to give up any picks.

As for the Titans and Williams, the pick makes a lot of sense, but I still wonder if Williams is special. A guy needs to be special to be the #2 pick. Only time will tell, but that is really my only concern with the pick at this point.