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Tennessee Titans News Links: Worth Bringing Back?

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have a bunch of free agents/guys who can option out after this year. Like every year, there are guys you are going to let walk, and guys you are going to bring back. From the list on, I would bring back Roos, if he would come back to play RT, George Wilson, Kern, Klug, Succop, Morgan, Coffman, Hagan, and that is probably it. Most of those guys are role players and would be paid like such. Notable guys I'd let go are Nate Washington and Leon Spinx.

Paul Kuharsky talks about how out of all the Titan's pending FAs, only 4 of them received a positive grade on Pro Football Focus. 3 of them were Kern, Succop, and Roos. Unfortunately Roos is thinking about retiring.

The Titan-coached, North team, won the Senior Bowl by a wide margin against the Jaguar-coached South Team. This obviously means we will go on to win the Super Bowl.

On the weekly Twitter Mailbag, Paul Kuharsky gets questions about Leonard WIlliams, the draft, and other things.

Quote of the Day: "I know how men in exile feed on dreams." Aeschylus