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New contract projections for NFL free agency

A look at some potential big name free agents and what they might get.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Spotrac is one of my favorite sites to visit during the free agency preview portion of the offseason (along with Over the Cap), because they have detailed info on cap room and how to manipulate it. This time, Spotrac published their list of some big name free agents and what they are expected to command on the open market. These are some of the figures they came up with and my opinion on whether or not the Titans should be interested.

Demarco Murray RB, 4 yrs/$30.99 million ($14.3 million guaranteed)

Is he worth it:

Nearly $8 million per year is a lot of money for a running back that has struggled to stay healthy for an entire year. Add on top of that a hefty workload this year and the expectation that the Titans offensive line will prevent him from being as productive as he was in Dallas and I just don't think you can make this move.

To his credit he wouldn't have to carry the team's offense nearly as much in Tennessee, and he would split carries with Bishop Sankey so his injury history shouldn't be that big of a concern. However, the fact that he will be in heavy rotation also detracts from the idea of paying him close to $8 million annually.

Ndamukong Suh DT, 6 yrs/$103.67 million ($56 million guaranteed)

Is he worth it:

I have been a huge fan of Suh since his time in Nebraska, but $17 million per year is an insane fee. Suh is disruptive and brings an attitude and edge to a defense, but with that sort of huge pay day is hard to keep anyone not named Watt motivated. I lean no on this one, because paying one player that much of your salary cap who isn't a QB just seems like a bad idea.

Justin Houston OLB, 6 yrs/ $92.67 million ($49 million guaranteed)

Is he worth is:

Finally a deal I think is worth it. Houston is probably the best pass rusher in the game at this point that fits this defense, and he fills the Titans biggest area of need. $15 million isn't a far cry from the type of money on the Suh deal, but he is a perfect fit for this defense and he would change the outlook of this team from day one.

Imagine a team with Houston, Jurrell Casey, Derrick Morgan, Avery Williamson, Leonard Williams, and Nate Orchard. Suddenly the Titans defense looks much more formidable, and Horton finally has some solid pieces for his defense.

Mike Iupati G, 5 yrs/ $31 million ($13.5 million guaranteed)

Is he worth it:

Absolutely Iupati is worth this sort of deal. After a down year for not only him, but the entire offense, Spotrac's opinion is that he will be available for a discount. Before making the comparison to Andy Levitre's contract, the Titans gave Levitre $15 million more, and an extra year to sign him. Besides, the two are very different players, and while Iupati played like the league's sixth best guard this would only require the Titans to pay him like the ninth best.

The Titans need to sure up this line and add another run blocker so teams can't play six in the box. With Iupati brought in, Taylor Lewan coming back for his second season, and Chance Warmack showing that he can actually live up to his draft hype, the line could actually be a competent unit for the first time in five years and take some of the pressure off of a young quarterback.