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The Pros and Cons of Dick Lebeau to the Tennessee Titans

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What will he bring to the team if he is signed?

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

There has been a lot of talk about LeBeau since he has been released, but I'm not sure anyone has really talked about what he could bring if he does come to the Titans. This is a "101" class in what the longtime Steelers great and Hall of Famer could bring to the Tennessee Titans defense.


-LeBeau is renowned for his ability to connect with the players and get them to buy in to his system 100%. James Harrison is the greatest example of this, many times over Harrison has said that he really respects Lebeau and that he would play for him for as long as he can.

-LeBeau puts more emphasis on playmakers than Ray Horton alone. Where Horton specializes in exotic blitzes (the Titans had 39 sacks without any single player having more than 6.5). LeBeau would likely pound the table for an explosive option in the draft in free agency and find out where they should be used later like he did with Ryan Shazier last year.

-While Horton is one of the best in the business (despite the poor results this year), having a veteran sounding board like LeBeau could only help things. Between the two of them, they have had nearly a century of experience around football and that is formidable no matter how you look at it.

-LeBeau's defenses almost never are beaten by rookie quarterbacks. This doesn't mean much this year, but it is just a testament to how much effort and experience it takes to beat what he brings.

-This year, LeBeau's team not only beat all of the AFC South teams, but his defense humiliated Andrew Luck forcing him to throw two interceptions, get sacked twice, and end up giving up a safety.

-Finally, wherever LeBeau does end up, I think James Harrison follows him. Many think Harrison is washed up, but those people didn't watch him last year and didn't see the intensity behind his 5.5 sacks as a situational rusher.


-There is really only one con to this and it is that LeBeau never plays rookies in his defenses. This year Shazier and Stephon Tuitt were supposed to get some heavy looks, but they only played about 20% and 45% of the snaps respectively. It is a complex defense that takes a lot of studying and repetition to get down, but when you get it down it is nearly impossible to move the ball against.