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Where the Tennessee Titans stand with Dick Lebeau

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Is no news good news?

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans have made it no secret that they are trying to shake things up this off season. While the essential coaching staff is locked up, the possible addition of Dick Lebeau is interesting.

Lebeau has long been thought to be a potential fit with the Arizona Cardinals, and he may very well end up there. However, after the deal was reportedly "being sealed" a week ago, this lack of talk on the matter doesn't bode well for the Cardinals. If they really wanted him badly, then they would have already signed him to a deal while the Titans coaching staff was busy with the senior bowl.

The more time passes, the more it seems that the Titans are in this race and ESPN Titans writer Paul Kuharsky has said as recently as an hour ago that:

"I’ve said until it’s announced that Dick LeBeau is official in Arizona that I wouldn’t count the Titans out. Jerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette knows LeBeau and still has the Titans in play. I feel confident the Titans would love to have him. Ken Whisenhunt and his staff are coaching the Senior Bowl today, so maybe things pick up next week."

LeBeau waiting leaves the door open for the Titans to make a move, and don't be surprised if after the Senior Bowl LeBeau talk increases.