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NFL Draft 2015 Scouting Report: Randy Gregory, OLB, Nebraska

Randy Gregory's length and athleticism have NFL scouts drooling, but is he ready for the NFL?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


    Edge (3-4 Outside Linebacker/4-3 Defensive End)




    6'6 240 pounds


    Randy Gregory has made a name for himself at Nebraska with his length and athletic ability.  It's rare to find a defender that is 6'6 and can move like Gregory can.  His long arms may be his best asset.  He's able to make contact with blockers without getting too close, allowing Gregory to use his hands to work around offensive tackles.  Once Gregory gets a chance to get moving, look out.  He can convert speed to power with the best of them.

    Despite weighing in at just 240 pounds, Gregory can hold his own in the trenches.  He routinely set the edge during his time at Nebraska, playing the defensive end position in a 4-3 front.  It appears that his frame will allow him to put on some more weight, which he will likely be asked to do pretty quickly once he gets with an NFL trainer.


    One glaring area that Gregory will need to improve is his snap anticipation.  He has the athletic ability to explode out of his stance, but this isn't always used to his advantage.  If Gregory can get better in this area, the sky is the limit.  Gregory will also probably take some scrutiny during the draft process for his slender frame, but it didn't do too much to hinder him at Nebraska.  Adding ten pounds to his 6'6 frame should not compromise his abilities at all, it should just enhance his abilities against the run.


    In my opinion, Randy Gregory possesses the highest ceiling of any player in this draft class.  He could use some polish in some areas, but his athletic ability and length make him a pretty good bet.  I think his best fit will be standing up in a 3-4 base defensive front. Once he fully harnesses how to use his length, Gregory will be a nightmare coming off of the edge.

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