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Mel Kiper Re-Grades the 2014 NFL Draft

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Mel Kiper has re-graded the 2014 NFL Draft (In$ider).  He gave the Titans a C+ the day after the draft.  He also gave the Titans a C+ in his re-grade.  Here is what he had to say about the Titans draft after the season:

I really like a trio of players the Titans added, it's just hard to take that initial grade, look at it through the prism of what almost anybody on the 2014 Titans accomplished (2-14) and say the draft looks a lot better. Taylor Lewan did something a number of other drafted tackles didn't do -- he actually played tackle. While Lewan didn't hit even 400 snaps thanks in part to a late-season injury, he's the Titans' left tackle of the future, and that's pretty good to know. Bishop Sankey is a good player, I just noted then I thought Tennessee should have taken Carlos Hyde instead, and I feel the same way today. Sankey did lead the team with 569 rushing yards, but you simply expect a decent level of production out of a second-round RB or you don't draft him.

A real find here was linebacker Avery Williamson. From Week 5 on, he got starter's reps and acquitted himself well -- not too bad for the No. 151 overall pick in his rookie season. Zach Mettenberger is the wild card here. We know there's talent, but we really have no reason to say at this point he's a future NFL starter at quarterback. We need to see more. The draft doesn't look bad, it just suffers against the win totals.

This has a chance to end up being a really good draft. If Mettenberger ends up being a franchise quarterback, it would be impossible to give it anything less than an A+. It can still be a really good draft if he doesn't. Anytime you find a franchise left tackle, regardless of where he was selected, that makes for a good draft.

Williamson was obviously a really good find. It is hard for me to say he was great with how bad the defense was, but he can be a stud when they get some guys around him.

The biggest disappointment in this draft so far is DaQuan Jones.  I really thought he would play a big role for this team in 2014, but he was inactive for most of the year.  Hopefully he can get a lot better this offseason.