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On the Eagles Trading Up in the 2015 NFL Draft for Marcus Mariota

What would it take for the Eagles to move from 20 to 2? Would it be in the Titans best interest?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The report came out yesterday that the Philadelphia Eagles are working on different scenarios to trade up in the 2015 NFL Draft so that Chip Kelly can select his former Oregon QB, Marcus Mariota.  Our SB Nation Eagles blog, Bleeding Green Nation, covered that report very well in this post.  The reason this is of interest to us here at MCM is because the Titans would be the most likely team the Eagles would be looking to trade with.

The post linked above from says that one NFL executive said the cost to move into the top 5 from 20, where the Eagles are picking right now, would be a number 1 and 2 this year, a number 1 next year and LeSean McCoy.  That doesn't seem like enough for me for the Titans to move from 2 to 20, but that is probably because I don't place a huge value on Shady McCoy.  Ken Whisenhunt's offense doesn't really benefit from having a feature back like McCoy.

My other question is how many future picks is Ruston Webster going to be willing to accept.  His job is on the line this year, so while next year's first rounder from the Eagles sounds good, it might not be a pick that Webster is around to make.  You also have to assume that the Eagles will be pretty good next year, so that is probably a pick somewhere in the 20s.

So what else could the Eagles give up to get to #2?  This article looks at what it costs to get from 20 to 2.  Here are the prices to get to #2:

Eagles would have to give up three first-round picks, or two first-round picks, two second-round picks and a third-round pick.

This is where Tommy Smith would need to get involved. Knowing that Webster is concerned about his job security, Smith should have final say on what is best for the future of the franchise.

Now you can debate what that should be. Maybe they feel like Leonard Williams is such a good talent that no number of future picks is worth trading for. That certainly could be a valid argument if Williams is the impact player that some here think that he is.

We have a lot of time to debate this before the draft.  Let that debate start today.