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Tennessee Titans News Links: Day One Done

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Like in any practice, there were ups and downs from the group as a whole. Danny Shelton apparently looked amazing, and that does not really surprise me. Shelton is the best NT in this draft and if we traded down, he's a guy I'd want (but let us please just take Williams).

What was the defining moment of the year? Easy. It was against the Bengals, Andy Dalton was the receiver, Mohammed Sanu was the QB, and Blidi-Wreh Wilson was the corner. Prior to the year, I would have told you this was a recipe for disaster for the Bengals. However, Blidi somehow misplayed this ball, allowed Dalton to escape and score a TD on him. I would have been fine with BWW never seeing the field after that point. Our defense really never looked back after that play.

Tommy Smith says that the Titans are not for sale. Jason La Canfora disagrees. Who knows? Personally I hope Tommy sells the team ASAP, but what do I know?

Quote of the Day: "Remember where you came from." -Donald Rumsfeld