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Ken Whisenhunt: Marcus Mariota has open invitation to Senior Bowl

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Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans coaching staff is in Mobile, Alabama this week coaching the north team in the Senior Bowl.  This gives them a really good opportunity to get to know some of the players down there better.  One guy that could be in play with the #2 pick but isn't at the Senior Bowl is Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.  That isn't for lack of trying on Ken Whisenhunt's part:

I have made it pretty clear that I would not be a fan of the Titans drafting Mariota as long as Whisenhunt is the coach.  The Whiz has no desire to change his offense for anyone- especially not a quarterback that wants to do anything other than 7 seven step drops (even behind and offensive line with it's 85th string tackle out there).  Mariota would have very little chance to succeed with Whisenhunt as his coach.

If Mariota is smart, he will stay as far away from Whisenhunt as possible.  The distance between Mobile, Alabama and Eugene, Oregon is probably about the appropriate amount of distance.