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2015 Senior Bowl: Day 1 Open Thread

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Welcome to Reese's #SeniorBowl week 2015!

South teammates Trey Flowers and Blake Sims discussing postgame dinner plans
South teammates Trey Flowers and Blake Sims discussing postgame dinner plans
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The week that will determine a lot of aspirations and projections for many prospects has arrived. Players began arriving on Sunday and throughout the day yesterday. Tuesday is the real beginning for the week ahead when prospects are weighed and measured in the morning (this is always fun to see which schools are "stretching the truth" about their players and which ones aren't). Practices begin on Tuesday as well. Really, the biggest days for the prospects are these three practices, not the actual game. As always, I'll have a recap post up later on each day of practice. Here are the other pertinent details:

Location: Ladd-Peebles Stadium, Mobile, Alabama

When: Saturday January 24, 2015

TV: 4 PM NFL Network

*Note*: Practices will be aired on NFL Network at varying times (usually 3 PM EST)

**Note**: If anyone happens to come across anything interesting in regards to the proceedings, I'll do my best to give you a shout on the recap post. (This goes for all week) Thanks!

You can find my preview of the offensive prospects here and the defensive prospects here

My thoughts

- The North team is absolutely loaded with great front seven talent, particularly on the defensive line. The secondary isn't too bad either. At any rate, the Titans should have plenty of opportunities to bolster the defense.

- The QB and WR advantage also clearly favors the North team.

- UCLA QB Brett Hundley opted to skip the proceedings, much to the dismay of everyone. Hundley really could've improved his stock but this comes off as AJ McCarron part two. He's not that good of a QB to blow off this event.

- Roster breakdown by conference: SEC (25), Pac-12 (16), Big Ten (14), ACC (11), Big 12 (10), Group of 5 (16), FCS and Division II + III (13)

- There's one area that the South enjoys an advantage: the offensive line. The one on ones between OL and DL should be fun.

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