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Top free agent performer: Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots

Guess who.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

In a game without many significant free agents, Devin McCourty stood out more than any other.

McCourty's stat sheet doesn't look spectacular (one tackle, one pass break up) but it was more about what you can't see on the stat sheet. Without any significant pass rush, Andrew Luck was unable to do anything on offense, and this wouldn't be possible without McCourty.

For a lot of the game, the Patriots felt comfortable putting their defenders one on one with the Colts wide receivers, and they could do this because they had McCourty playing high safety. This clearly showed up on a blown coverage by one of the Patriots defensive backs where McCourty came in and broke up a pass that would have kept the chains moving.

The Titans have clear needs at defensive back, and I have already preached about how much better McCourty would make this defensive backfield. With a high safety that could cover some ground, this team could take more risks and allow Ray Horton to take more chances.