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Potential NFL cap casualties: offense

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Which big name players could hit the free market?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason is big for the Titans as everyone has said over and over. The Titans have way too many holes in their team to fix with just a solid draft or with a good round of free agent signings. Every year there are big names that are dumped off of other rosters because of their exorbitant cap cost. This year, there are quite a few noteable potential cap casualties. Here are the top candidates on offense.

Adrian Peterson RB, Minnesota: $13 million cap relief

The Vikings are doing well without Peterson right now, and while he would definitely make the team better, he is a huge question mark. While it seems unlikely that the Titans will be able to sway him to come to Tennessee over Dallas or another team, he would be a top free agent if he hit the market.

Larry Fitzgerald WR, Arizona: $9.2 million cap relief

I have talked about Fitzgerald and his connections with the current Titans coaching staff before and the Cardinals have much bigger holes on their roster than receiver.

Mike Pouncey C, Miami: $7.4 million cap relief

No other center in the NFL would give their team more cap relief if he was released than Mike Pouncey, except Alex Mack. The Pouncey in Miami is very good, but the Dolphins moved him to guard next year and he went from being one of the top players at his position to being the 69th best guard.

Marshawn Lynch RB, Seattle: $7 million cap relief

Lynch is still a very good running back, but it seems like a smart business decision to cut him and let their other good running backs take over by committee that way they can pay Russell Wilson.

Jake Long OT, St. Louis: $8 million cap relief

Long isn't the player he was, but he is still a very good pass protector. With the Rams seemingly ready to move on without Long, the Titans could use Long as a starting left tackle and move rookie standout Taylor Lewan to right tackle or left guard.

Andre Johnson WR, Houston: $8.8 million cap relief

The Texans are now paying J.J. Watt a fortune, and some of these bad contracts are going to have to go. Johnson has been rumored to be unhappy with the Texans any way, so this move makes a lot of sense.

Greg Jennings WR, Minnesota: $5 million cap relief

The Vikings offense will probably be overhauled this offseason, at least from a veteran standpoint. The Vikings need to find a way to get their young players the ball more, and the Titans could look for someone to fill their veteran void on offense.

Brent Celek TE, Philadelphia: $4.8 million cap relief

The Titans don't need another tight end, but I have always thought that Whisenhunt's best offenses in San Diego revolved around two tight end sets. Celek's backup has looked great, and that team needs to find a way to get a DB in their badly.