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2015 East-West Shrine Game Recap

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Who stood out and didn't do much during the game?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The East West Shrine Game has been just completed in a 19-3 East win. As the score would indicate, not a whole lot could be properly evaluated from either offense.

If you're a fan of a great defensive line play, this game was for you. In particular, the East duo of Miami's Anthony Chickillo and Kentucky's Za'Darius Smith were excellent today. Smith was a constant presence in the West backfield, although the stats won't bear it out. He helped Chickillo flash a lot by the consistent pressure and attention required. Speaking of AC, the world finally got a glimpse of what he could do when he has a better supporting cast around him. Both players helped their stocks tremendously today. LSU DE Jermauria Rasco also improved his stock.

As for the West team, it was not all doom and gloom. There were some flashes of talent shown here and there. UNI's DL Xavier Williams stood out to me. Williams provided some ability as a pass rusher but his forte is occupying the gap in the run game. The linebacker battle between both teams were fought to a draw as each team's best two cancelled the other out.

It has been said that all six quarterbacks needed to show some improvement today. Well, consider that a horrid failure. Yes I know that it's difficult to develop chemistry between QB and receiver on such short notice in these all-star events. The quarterbacks on display today now have a legitimate chance of going undrafted. ALL SIX OF THEM.