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Daniel Jeremiah 2015 NFL Mock Draft: Tennessee Titans and Randy Gregory

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Eric Francis/Getty Images

Daniel Jeremiah, @MoveTheSticks on Twitter (who is a great follow, especially this time of year), has put out a new mock draft.  He has the Tennessee Titans taking Randy Gregory, OLB, Nebraska.  Jommy loves him a good edge rusher.  Here is what Jeremiah had to say about the pick:

Gregory is tall, long and explosive. The Titans could take a QB here, but instead opt to add more punch to their pass rush .

If I were Ruston Webster, I would be spending a lot of my time breaking down the pros and cons of Gregory and Leonard Williams. Those are probably the two guys that I would really be considering with the 2nd pick. Both of those guys have a chance to come in and make an immediate impact. That is exactly what the Titans need.

Could they trade back and still get Gregory? That is another question I would be kicking around if I were Webster.  Jeremiah has the Buccaneers taking Jameis Winston.  Is there a team in the top 10, say the New York Jets, that wants to trade up and get Marcus Mariota?  Will Gregory still be on the board at 6?  These are all serious questions that need to be considered over the next 4-5 months.

This is one of the first mocks I have seen with the Titans taking Gregory.  What do you think about the pick?