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Todd McShay Update 2015 NFL Draft Big Board

Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Todd McShay has updated his big board today (In$ider).  He has MCM favorite, Leonard Williams in the top spot. I wasn't a huge fan of Williams to the Titans at 2 a few weeks ago, but I am all in now.  Here is what McShay has to say about Williams:

Williams displayed a very impressive all-around game this season, even while playing through injuries. He possesses excellent strength and speed for his size, and he has the versatility to create mismatches all along the defensive line. His best projection is as a 5-technique defensive end, but he has the quickness and point-of-attack skills to perform inside as a 3-technique (especially in pass-rushing situations), and enough athleticism to occasionally line up as a traditional left defensive end.

Yep, put that guy on the same line with Jurrell Casey and you might be on to something (of course you still need a nose tackle).

Jameis Winston moved from #6 to #2 on this edition of the big board. The internet is starting to fall in love with Winston. Will NFL teams do the same?

Shane Ray is 3rd on the board and Randy Gregory is 5th. There is a lot of pass rushing talent at the top of this draft. That is good because the Titans don't currently have any pass rushing talent.

Marcus Mariota fell from #2 to #6. I find it interesting that a guy who watches tape as much as McShay supposedly does would drop a guy that much based on one game, but hey, whatever.

The only spot I haven't mentioned yet is 4. That is Amari Cooper's spot. He will be a really good player for someone, but I wouldn't take him in the top 5. If the Titans can trade back twice, pick up a bunch of picks, and then take him, that would be awesome.