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Between The Posts: Can The Titans Wait for Justin Hunter?

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Do the Titans need immediate help at WR?

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

There was little question that the Titans entered the past year with one of the best wideout groups that the team has ever had. Kendall Wright was coming off two very productive campaigns, Nate Washington was a reliable vet and had been playing very well over the past two or three years for the Titans. And then the team had the athletically-impressive Justin Hunter to bank on; a sophomore WR with a sky-high ceiling and a freakish combination of speed and vertical jumping ability.

But the season didn't go as planned, obviously. While much of the WR issues are inherently married to the instability at QB, there was no doubt that Justin Hunter struggled more than we thought. He struggled with route running tremendously, on top of a few big drops. In some games he garnered more snaps on the field than any other wideout, and yet his production was off-putting, just shy of 500 yards and three scores (on 28 grabs).

Pro Football Focus had an interesting metric for Hunter; he ranked 46th of 52 eligible receivers in efficiency, with a paltry 1.32 yards per route run. He caught more than three passes in only 2 games (of the 12 he played) and failed to register even one 5-catch performance. Hunter's season ended with a lacerated spleen, and he has shown some immaturity over the past two years in Nashville (even if he's not getting in trouble off the field).

While the QB issue cannot be ignored, nor can the quite-popular trend among sophomore wide-outs to fall off some, it's been disconcerting thus far. Can the Titans afford to wait for Hunter to develop or do they need more immediate help at the position?