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Tennessee Titans News Links: Shining Star

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Lewan was the third tackle taken in last years draft, yet he outplayed the two taken before him, while only playing in 6 games. Pretty impressive. While a lot of us, myself included, did not like the pick originally. However, it has turned out to be a great pick and a cornerstone on our offensive line for the foreseeable future. Notice that the first RB taken in the draft isn't on the list.

The fourth part of the offseason is the draft, which I cannot wait for. The draft is my favorite part of the year, which is so so sad, but because the Titans are garbage, this is where we are. It will probably be my only thing I enjoy football wise for the foreseeable future because LSU hired Kevin Steele as their defensive coordinator, and he sucks. But I digress.

Quote of the Day: "Kevin Steele sucks, Taylor Lewan is awesome." -Me