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Should the Titans pursue DeMarco Murray?

DeMarco Murray's contract is up with the Dallas Cowboys. Would/should the Titans pursue him if he hits the open market?

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Williamson wrote an article yesterday (In$ider) looking at the teams that could/would/should pursue DeMarco Murray if he hits the open market.  The Titans were on that list.  Here is what Williamson had to say about the Titans and Murray:

The Titans made Bishop Sankey the first running back selected in last year's NFL draft by taking him with the No. 54 overall pick. That didn't work out so well for several reasons. Shockingly, the Titans were reluctant to just hand the job over to Sankey, even late in his rookie season, when they really should have been in evaluation mode. But maybe that's all we really need to know about their feelings for Sankey, who finished the year with just 152 carries. Even entering the league, few considered Sankey a workhorse-type back. The remainder of the Tennessee depth chart is very thin. With either Zach Mettenberger or a first-round rookie quarterback likely in charge of the Titans' offense, this team absolutely will need a running game and a back such as Murray to hand the ball to over and over.

So a few thoughts here:

1. Having Murray here wouldn't matter because Ken Whisenhunt would still run Leon Washington out there 15 snaps a game. The running back rotation this season was the most frustrating thing in a season full of frustrations. I have zero confidence that Whiz would get Murray and make him the work horse.

2. Even more importantly, it is not smart to give a running back, especially one with as much wear as Murray has (392 carries in 2014), a big contract- especially when you look at the rule of 370 and how it applies to a running back's numbers in the following seasons.  Someone is going to give Murray big money. It doesn't need to be the Titans.  Murray also has a rough injury history.  2014 was his first season to play in all 16 games in his 4 years in the league.

3. The Titans invested a high pick in Bishop Sankey.  If you bring Murray in, that basically becomes a wasted pick.  I don't know if Sankey is going to be good or not, but they need to find out what he can do with a competent line before they give up on him.

Murray had a heck of a year. but the Titans would be wise to let some other team pay him a bunch of money.