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Tennessee Titans News Links: Recruiting LeBeau

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

You shall not pass!!
You shall not pass!!
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Titans bring Dick LeBeau in to be a consultant? I think it probably wouldn't hurt, and they should make an attempt. While they are at it, they should convince Peyton Manning to run be the VP of Personnel or whatever John Elway is in Denver.

Part 3 of the Titans offseason will be the Pro Days. Always to see what players do in their pro days, and how much the media and teams take too much stock into these (Teddy Bridgewater).

The Titans were really bad in fantasy production and that should not really be a surprise to anyone. I had Justin Hunter on one of my teams and that worked out poorly. I had Mett on my team for a couple of weeks and he outplayed Russell Wilson when I started him. Kendall was up and down for the most part.

Quote of the Day: "Some folk want their luck buttered." -Thomas Hardy