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Tennessee Titans News Links: Aggressiveness Needed

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans sucked this year, partially because of coaching, but also because of a deficit of talent on both sides of the ball. This team has guys with high ceiling potential (Hunter) that haven't produced. What they need to do is go out and get some of the guys in free agency that can elevate this team. They need guys on both sides of the ball, and with cap space in spades, the Titans need to get the top guys at the needed positions. This means targeting guys like Suh, Houston (if available), Cobb/Smith, Iupati/Free/Franklin, Maxwell, etc.

While jumps in records from teams usually come with new QBs, the Titans could stick with Mett, who showed a lot of promise last year, but definitely needs to improve.

What have teams done in similar situations to the Titans? Playoffs???? Doubt it.

Quote of the Day: "A hospital is no place to be sick." -Samuel Goldwyn