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Where do you stand on Ryan Succop?

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Should the Titans look to upgrade?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't a topic that people are going to lose their mind talking about, but it is a decision that will ultimately cost the Titans at least one or two games next year: should the Titans look to upgrade at kicker?

There isn't a long list of Hall of Fame kickers this year just sitting around, but two names stick out more than most.

1. Justin Tucker

Tucker is one of those kickers that you can sign long term and really not think about it again for a long time. In each of the last three years he has ranked as a top-six kicker in the NFL according to PFF and has handled kickoffs extremely well. He is the only kicker with 16 starts this season to force teams to have an average start behind their own 20 yard line. The Titans need stability where they can get it, and Tucker is as stable as they come.

2. Stephen Gostkowski

The New England kicker is one of the more popular fantasy kickers in recent history because of his outstanding ability to make kicks from any distance accurately. This year he was a 94.6% field goal kicker (higher than any other kicker that started all 16 games) including going 13-14 from 40+ yards out.

Succop was a good kicker for Tennessee this year, and it isn't a bad idea to stick with the guy you know, but these two kickers are as special as kickers get, and both have at least four more years in the NFL and Bryant (being only 25) could get a very long deal.