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Tennessee Titans free agent standout: defense

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Which defensive free agent target stood out the most this week?

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

This is a storyline that has been around ever since Devin McCourty came into the league and looked great. Titans fans really want Devin McCourty to join his brother in Tennessee to sure up their weak defensive backfield.

The Good

McCourty has been one of the best free safeties in the NFL for several years and he fits exactly what the Titans need at this point. With Michael Griffin and Bernard Pollard both looking extremely cut-able, the Titans are looking at Damion Stafford as one of the starting safeties next year. Stafford is a very good, downhill type safety, but the Titans need someone who can cover deep. McCourty's ability to be a rangy one-high safety would give the Titans a ton of options with blitzes and coverages.

The Bad

As with most free safeties, you don't want McCourty to be one-on-one with a big running back in a phone booth. Really there is nothing more you could want from a free safety. McCourty has been one of PFF's top 10 safeties all but one year in the NFL. He may be in for a big payday thanks to all of his attributes, but no team should be willing to pay more than Tennessee and no team should be more intriguing than the Titans.