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Tennessee Titans free agent standout: offense

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Which offensive free agent stood out this week?

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans shouldn't spend big money on a running back, as they showed with the Chris Johnson fiasco. However, if there was a player that the Titans might want to bend that rule for, it would be Demarco Murray.

The Good

Demarco Murray rushed for nearly 130 yards and a touchdown with 4.9 YPC. Murray kept his legs churning through traffic like he has all year, and played at a high level. If the Cowboys had trusted him instead of throwing the ball on fourth and two late in the game then they might still be in the playoffs. This was the cherry on top of a season where he was the league's leading rusher by nearly 500 yards with a final total of 1845 rushing yards.

The Bad

Murray did have a fumble in this game, but it was only his 6th fumble in more than 450 carries. That last number is a lot more important than the first number, because 450 carries is a massive number for a running back in this era. This may not scare the Titans off given that they want to run a running back by committee backfield. In fact this may actually end up saving the Titans money if they make a play for him.