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Tennessee Titans: The (cap) Expendables

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Which players have very cut-able contracts this offseason?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows that the Titans should really look into cutting players like Michael Oher and Andy Levitre due to their poor play this year, but this is a list of the top Titans who both underperformed and would boost the Titans cap numbers immediately if cut.

1. Michael Griffin S- $4.5 million cap relief

Look it is hard to really take a stance on Michael Griffin because he is so mercurial on the field. I have never been a huge fan, but when the defense is humming, he has made some plays. However, he is the third highest paid Titan on the field and he isn't preforming at nearly that high of a level. Ken Whisenhunt will have to decide whether he wants Griffin's veteran presence, or to use that money to upgrade the roster elsewhere.

2. Craig Stevens TE- $3.5 million cap relief

It is crazy to think that Stevens is due $3.5 million next year and there is no way that the Titans will pay that. I have always been a huge fan of Stevens and think he can be a very good, balanced tight end, but with the emergence of Delanie Walker you can't pay both of these tight ends.

3. Shonn Greene RB- $3.35 million cap relief

Greene has been mediocre at best and there is no way that this coaching staff can defend keeping him on the roster at this price. With Bishop Sankey showing much more burst and ability that Greene, the Titans need to cut him and save themselves from overthinking the RB position.

4. Bernard Pollard S- $3.2 million cap relief

Pollard has been a very good leader in the locker room, but he just isn't preforming the way the Titans need him to on the field. Damion Stafford has emerged as a cheaper player who provides an upgrade to Pollard, and Tennessee can't expect Pollard to come back at 100%.

5. Charlie Whitehurst QB- $2.25 million cap relief

Whitehurst was actually a decent backup QB this year, but he isn't someone Titans fans can trust to come in and win ball games for them off the bench. Cutting Whitehurst gives them cap room to go out and find someone cheaper and then use the difference in salaries elsewhere.

These cuts coupled with the obvious cuts of Andy Levitre and Michael Oher move the Titans from $41.3 million in cap room to $62 million. That is a huge shift in cap and with Ruston Webster expected to be on the hotseat, this is a year where you could see the Titans going out and spending a lot for a big name free agent or two. With this new money, those deals don't have to come at the expense of filling other holes in free agency.