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Titans - Chiefs: Offensive MVP's

Who stood out on the offensive side of the ball in week 1?

Peter Aiken

The Titans played a solid game all around on Sunday, highlighted by a suffocating defensive effort. But the other side of the story is the efficient Titans offense, who made their drives count, and controlled the clock with extended drives that were both balanced and effective.

Kendall Wright

Wright is a dangerous weapon for the Titans offense. We've talked plenty about his shiftiness and his reliability, and what his incredible versatility means to this passing attack going forward. He was a solid weapon for the team in week one, reeling in 6 catches for 46 yards and a score. While Wright will certainly be used as a deep threat more often than in the past, much of his value comes in the form of turning the short yardage passes into first downs, "greasing the wheels" of the offense. Locker and Wright have built some chemistry over the past two seasons, despite the disruption caused by the QB's injuries, and I expect that to continue blossoming this season.

Shonn Greene

Greene may not wow you with the home run, but he was a consistent chain mover against the Chiefs. The new coaching staff stressed versatility going forward, but they also preached consistency. That means more than just winning the individual battles, it means keeping the offense "on schedule". The Titans benefited from Greene's yard-churning carries, as he went 71 yards on 15 such opportunities (4.7ypc). The Titans running game as a whole from 2013 to 2014 is a case of addition by subtraction; each RB knows his role and can do more than one thing well. Greene stood out early.

Jake Locker

Locker is the obvious choice here. He went 22/33 for 266 yards (67%) and two scores, with no turnovers, giving him a 111.4 QB rating. The stats are one thing, the eye-test is another. Locker appeared in control of the offense, called the correct protections, and was comfortable changing the call at the line when it was warranted. He stood tall in the pocket, despite pressure, and delivered passes quickly and accurately. Moreover, he used his legs intelligently, creating space inside the pocket when he could, and gaining some positive yards on his way out of bounds on others. Offensively, the Titans thrived under his direction in week 1, and he gets the offensive MVP accordingly.

Honorable Mention: Delanie Walker, Nate Washington,