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Tennessee Titans News Links: Just The Beginning

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans did very well in their first game. Far better than we could have hoped for on defense. However, it is only one game. The Titans should/will keep the foot on the gas as we take on the Cowboys and their swiss cheese defense this week.

Here is the Monday Press Conference from Ken Whisenhunt.

As I said, the Titans will face the Cowboys in our home opener. Really excited to watch our team play again and hopefully they do not get complacent. Dallas has quite the array of offensive weapons and it could be a shootout.

Gooden will have to step up in the absence of Zach Brown who may be out for the entire year after a pectoral injury.

The Titans must be better in protecting Jake Locker. They should not be tested too much this week, but against Cincy, they better bring their A game.

PK looks at the numbers behind the defensive dominance on Sunday.

Kenneth Goit has an exclusive interview with former Titan Jovan Haye, who talks about his career with the Titans, why he was cut, and his thoughts on Whisenhunt.

McCluster and J-Mac recap the win in the Lounge.

Awesome video of the sights and sounds of the game on Sunday.

Quote of the Day: "Character is power." -Booker T. Washington