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Titans 26 Chiefs 10: The Most Unexpected Thing

Who would have thought the Tennessee Titans would hold Jamaal Charles to just 34 yards of total offense?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs came to LP Field early in 2013 and beat the Titans 26-17.  In that game, Jamaal Charles has 145 total yards (108 rushing, 37 receiving).  Tennessee just did not have an answer for him.

Fast forward to the 2014 preseason.  The Titans first team defense looks bad most of the time they are on the field, and they cannot tackle anyone.  With the Chiefs up first on the schedule, that could mean just one thing, Jamaal Charles was going to have a huge game.


The Titans held Charles to just 34 yards in this game.  Those 37 yards came on just 11 touches.  Why did Jamaal just have 11 touches?  Because the Titans took him away according to Andy Reid (via Arrowhead Pride):

[The Titans] took away a lot of what we had designed for him," Andy Reid said after the game. "That was one of the reasons.

On a side note: How awesome is it to have a coaching staff that is dictating the game? The old staff seemed to always be in reaction mode, and they weren't very good at it. We have only seen this staff for one week that counted, but they had a game plan and they went up to Kansas City and imposed their will on the Chiefs. That is how a team forms an identity- something that this team never had under Mike Munchak.

Anyway, I was not expecting the Titans to go to KC and basically shut out Charles.  What about you?  What was the most unexpected thing about the game?