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Three Moments That Made Me Happy as a Titans Fan

A thoughtful look at the three best and worst moments in the win over Kansas City.

Wesley Hitt

There's a very good chance that none of these three plays makes a highlight reel, but if you've been following this team on a daily basis, each of these plays should make you confident that the Titans are making serious progress.

Our Tennessee Titans straight-up took care of business this week against the Kansas City Chiefs. While the national expectation was that the Chiefs would take a step backwards from their 11-win season in 2013, those same prognosticators proclaimed Tennessee would dip even further.

In fact, the national expectation can be summed up by Mike Florio, who may be the living embodiment of the ‘lowest common denominator', in his Week One prediction,:

Florio's take:  While the Chiefs likely will take a step back in 2014, it won't begin against a team that has all the sizzle of a bowl of unflavored gelatin.

Note: Gelatin isn't supposed to sizzle. Expecting gelatin, regardless of the flavor, to sizzle is just gross.

Now, let's look at the three best moments of Sunday's Titans game:

  1. 4th Quarter, R.Succop 47 yard field goal is good: Ryan Succop has been a Titan for less than a week, yet his 4/4 performance meant everything in this win. Outside of the 12 points it meant on the scoreboard, Succop's addition is the cherry on top of Webster and Whiz's plan to rebuild this team. If we'd gone into this game with Coons as the kicker, no victory would have alleviated that weakness moving forward.
  2. 3rd Quarter, S. Greene run for 3 yards and a 1st down: The Titans were up 14-3 on the fringes of field goal range, but since we have the NFL's best short-yardage back we picked-up the first down, rumbled for a few extra yards and put Succop in the position to make it a three possession game.
  3. 3rd Quarter, K. Wright reception for a 6-yard TD: After so much (deserved) love for Justin Hunter, this play should remind us all that Kendall is the real X-factor on this offense. Facing a 3rd and 2 on the first drive of the half, Kendall gets the ball short of the goal-line and makes magic happen after the catch. When you have long-limbed endzone threats like Hunter and Walker, it's vital to keep teams honest with an underneath beast like Kendall Wright.

What are your three favorite under-the-radar plays from Sunday's game?