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Titans vs Chiefs defense night and day from preseason D

Ray Horton showed that he was worth the hype.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Admit it. You were one of those people that was a little bit nervous with the way the defense looked in the four preseason games this year. Well put those fears away because Horton just showed exactly why he is one of the most highly touted defensive coaches in the league.


During the preseason the Titans really were not adept at turning the ball over defensively. However, this team showed today that when they gameplan they can really hurt opposing offenses.

The Titans knew that they had to bottle up the running game, and if they did they would force the Chiefs into some uncomfortable situations. Well, that is exactly what happened as Jason McCourty had two interceptions (after having zero last year) and a deflection that lead to Michael Griffin coming down with a game winning INT.

Stopping the run

It was no secret that the Titans were facing an uphill battle with two of their more talented NTs out for the game. However, Horton schemed up a beautiful game that lead Jamaal Charles to have his worst rushing game (19 yards) since December 16, 2012.

Charles was contained so well, that all four of the Titans committee of running backs had more rushing yards.

Getting to Smith

Behind a banged up offensive line, the Titans were supposed to be able to excel at bringing Smith down. Again they didn't disappoint. Tennessee had four sacks in the game by four different Titans, and it clearly got into Smith's head. By the end of the day he was scrambling even when the Titans weren't getting pressure.

All in all the Titans really showed why Bill Cowher selected them as a team to watch for the AFC Wildcard spot this year.