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Titans vs Chiefs players to watch: defense.

Which players need to have a big day in the opener.

Scott Cunningham

The Titans lucked out with some injuries and suspensions to the Chiefs offense, so they may just have the edge here. Which players look like they are ready to have a big game in Kansas City?

Jurrell Casey DE

Casey has a dream matchup today against Eric Fisher. Fisher was the 7th worst (out of 76 potential) offensive tackles in 2013, and would have arguably finished as the worst if he had played the full 16 games. Those that argued that he was playing out of position last year have gotten very quiet this year as he has struggled again with pass rushers, this time from the left side of the line.

Casey just got a nice contract extension and there would be no better way to honor that deal, than to come out and tally two sacks against a struggling offensive line.

Wesley Woodyard ILB

Fans heard that Woodyard was a leader and a hard hitter, now it is time to prove it on the field. Woodyard needs to be able to stuff the running game of the Chiefs at least on the inside. More than that though, the Titans need someone who can get them lined up and alert them to defensive changes, and Woodyard has a chance to show early that he can be that guy.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB

This is more of a confidence game for Wreh-Wilson. The Chiefs don't really have any weapons on the outside of there offense, so it would be good to see him have a good game against subpar competition. The Chiefs don't really drive the ball well, so the Titans should be able to keep everything in front of them. It would be nice for the Titans to see some downhill, attacking defense rather than the cushion, catching defense that they have played in the preseason.