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Titans vs Chiefs players to watch: Offense

Who can/should shine in the opener.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Football is finally back, and you can feel it in the air. Titans fans can be sure that Arrowhead Stadium will be rocking when the team kicks off at 1 P.M. EST. So which offensive players can quiet that storm?

Jake Locker QB

It all starts with the quarterback position in the NFL. Throughout the preseason Locker has been impressively efficient, and there is no reason to think that trend to disappear in the season.

For the first time in his career Jake Locker has a combination of talented veterans (Washington, Walker), and young players with potential (Thompson, Hunter, Wright) around him. If he can make good use of them thanks to Ken Whisenhunt's game calling, then fans could see the quarterback they were promised in the draft.

Kendall Wright WR

Wright has been really disappointing this preseason, and no one is really talking about it. I understand he is grandfathered in thanks to two very good years in the slot, but if the Titans are going to let him play outside against better corners then he needs to step up.

Wright has the potential to be special in an offense that emphasizes taking what the defense give you, and he is a piece that the Titans should be able to build around.

Michael Roos/Michael Oher OTs

This is sort of fudging the numbers because I think they are both facing similar issues. Both offensive tackles have the tough task of facing a deep and talented group of speed rushers on the outside. If they can hold up and keep those guys to only maybe one sack, then the Titans have a great chance of winning this game.