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Expanding on my bold prediction: Hunter's big day

Why I think Hunter has a great shot at a multi-touchdown game.

Stacy Revere

Ron Parker and Marcus Cooper. Those are the starting cornerbacks against the Titans in their opener on Sunday.

Cooper was torn up by opposing receivers all season despite being on a defense that constantly put pressure on quarterbacks. Parker on the other hand had a positive grade on PFF, but he only played 89 snaps last year. To put that in perspective Blidi Wreh-Wilson (largely considered an unknown) played more snaps than Parker in 2013.

My prediction (in case you missed it) was that Justin Hunter would score more touchdowns than all other Titans receivers combined.

Hunter will only see rotational time as a third receiver, but he will likely get upwards of 25 snaps in the game. With that in mind, I can't see a scenario where he doesn't get the bulk of his snaps in redzone situations. If the Titans get into the redzone, look for them to show that fade that they displayed in New Orleans at least once or twice.

Also, Hunter is deceptively quick in space and he could easily take a 15-yard post all the way to the endzone. This may be the game where the Titans switch from a base package with two wide receivers, to a package with three wide receivers. If Hunter, Wright, and Washington are on the field, Locker will have his best collection of weapons yet and he could put up some big numbers.

If he stays healthy.