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The most consistent Tennessee Titan: Kendall Wright

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Week 1 will bring surprises. But to be Professional Grade is to be consistent. <a href="">@SBNation</a>: Who will be consistent all season? <a href="">#GMCPlaybook</a></p>&mdash; Marshall Faulk (@marshallfaulk) <a href="">September 4, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Each week this year the SB Nation NFL blogs will be answering a question asked by Marshall Faulk as part of a sponsored series from GMC.

The answer to this week's question is easy for me: Kendall Wright.  He had 94 catches and 1,079 yards for an offense that was very inconsistent.  Jake Locker got hurt.  Ryan Fitzpatrick game in.  Locker came back, got hurt again and Fitzy came back in.  That is a lot of inconsistency, but Wright was there every week- catching the ball and making plays for whatever quarterback was out there.

He is in store for a HUGE year.  Quarterbacks really like receivers they can count on.  Wright is going to run the right route and catch the ball when it is thrown to him.  He is extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands, and my guess is that this new coaching staff is actually going to let him catch a pass more than 10 yards down the field.

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