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NFL picks Week 1: Predicting Titans vs. Chiefs and all other games

The NFL is back, and so are Jommy's terrible picks!

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
Last night I picked the Packers to cover. That worked out well for me. Since I am off to such a great start, I will go ahead and pick the rest of this week's match-ups:

Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-3)

The line has dropped from KC -6 when it opened to KC -3 today. What do they know in Vegas?!? Anyway, as I said in PFTC, Justin Hunter has a big game in this one and the Titans win a close game on a Ryan Succop field goal.

Pick: Titans 27 Chiefs 24

New England Patriots (-5) vs. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins were a hot mess last year. Things should get better for them this year, and I think Ryan Tannehill is in line for a big year, but it won't be enough to knock off Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Pick:Patriots 31 Dolphins 24

New Orleans Saints (-3) vs. Atlanta Falcons

Outside of the Titans game, this is the game I am the most excited about this weekend. Atlanta was decimated by injuries last season. They should be in line for a bounce back season. The Saints are the one team in the NFC that has a chance to knock off the Seahawks. This game will be fun.

Pick:Falcons 34 Saints 31

Oakland Raiders vs. New York Jets (-5.5)

I really like Derek Carr and think he will be a good NFL QB, but this match-up is a nightmare for him. Say what you want about Rex Ryan, but the man can draw up a scheme to get after the quarterback. Carr struggles against pressure in college.Pick:Jets 17 Raiders 6

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens (-1)

The Bengals are once again a trendy pick to make some noise in the playoffs. They should win the AFC North, but my guess is they will fall short again in the playoffs. With that being said, I hope they beat the Ravens because I really hate the Ravens.

Pick:Bengals 28 Ravens 24

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-10.5)

I love the Eagles this season. They should be right there with the Seahawks and Saints. I don't love the Jags, ever.

Pick:Eagles 31 Jaguars 17

Buffalo Bills vs. Chicago Bears (-7)

The Bills are going to be pretty bad this year. The Bears will be pretty good until Jay Cutler gets hurt. That won't be this week, and he will have a good day in this one.

Pick:Bears 34 Bills 17

Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)

This could be an interesting game. The Steelers should be better this year. The Browns are running Brian Hoyer out there, but for how long? How he performs in this one could provide some clarity to that question. I don't predict it ends well.

Pick: Steelers 24 Browns 10

Washington Redskins vs. Houston Texans (-3)

A lot of interesting story lines in this one. The Texans are going to be better, but how much? RG3 looked bad in the preseason. Here's to hoping Robert Griffin III is really good and the Texans still suck!

Pick: Redskins 20 Texans 17

Minnesota Vikings vs. St. Louis Rams (-3.5)

I feel sorry for people that have to watch this game. The Rams defense should be fun to watch. At least there is that.

Pick: Rams 14 Vikings 10

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2)

There is growing concern that Sham Newton might not be able to play in this one. I think the Bucs win either way, but it is a much better game if Newton can go.

Pick: Buccaneers 24 Panthers 20

San Francisco 49ers (-4.5) vs. Dallas Cowboys

This is not your older brother's 49ers defense. They are not going to be the dominant defense they have been the last few years. The Cowboys defense is going to be terrible. SHOOTOUT!

Pick: 49ers 34 Cowboys 30

Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos (-8)

Hell hath no fury like a Peyton Manning scorned. Robert Mathis will be missing this game and three more for taking a fertility drug. That does not bode well for a Colts defense that already isn't very good.

Pick: Broncos 42 Colts 24

New York Giants vs. Detroit Lions (-6)

Good Eli or Bad Eli? That is the question. The real question about this game is will Jim Caldwell appear to be alive on the sidelines?

Pick: Lions 27 Giants 21

San Diego Chargers vs. Arizona Cardinals (-3)

Keep an eye on the Andre Ellington injury. Could be a big key in this game. I think the Cardinals are going to have a big year.

Pick: Cardinals 27 Chargers 24

Tell me where I am crazy.