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Which Kansas City Chiefs player would you put on the Tennessee Titans roster today?

As part of the lead-up to Sunday's Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs game, we're asking Titans fans which Chiefs player they would take right now.

Peter Aiken

If you could take any Chiefs player and put him on the Titans roster today, who would it be?

That the question I'm asking Titans fans while Joel over at Arrowhead Pride has asked Chiefs fans the same question.

There are three obvious candidates in my mind.  The first is Jamaal Charles.  He is a game changer.  Just like Chris Johnson in his prime, Charles has the ability to take the ball to the house on any given play. Unlike CJ, Jamaal is a really good receiver out of the backfield, and as Joel told us on the podcast the other night, he is offensive line proof- meaning he doesn't need a dominant line to be effective.

The second option would be Eric Berry.  He is a game changing safety, and while the Titans have two solid safeties in Michael Griffin and Bernard Pollard, they are not on the level of Berry.  He is really good in coverage and in run support.  Those safeties are really valuable in today's NFL and are hard to find.

The third option, and my pick, is Justin Houston.  The Titans have not had an elite pass rusher since the Reagan Administration.  OK- that is a slight exaggeration, but every year when the draft comes around I spend a lot of my time looking at which pass rusher the Titans should take in the first round (they never actually take a pass rusher in the first round, hence why we have the pass rush problem).  Adding Houston to the roster would fix that problem, and immediately upgrade every other position on the defense.  We saw that when Jevon Kearse joined the team back in 1999.

So Houston is my pick.  Who would you take?